My Story

Di Henderson, originally from Tyneside but now hailing from Teesside, picked about the hardest part of the folk scene to break into the male bastion of the traditional unaccompanied folk song. She has a rich powerful and yet flexible voice and puts passion and commitment into her singing. Her songs are taken from both traditional and the best of newer writers. They cover a range of subjects like pathos, humour, drinking, love, feminism and not to mention the occasional bawdiness.

Matt Armour



"What a voice, what a singer, what a night!"

"She has an ability to interpret well known traditional songs in a way which extracts every ounce of meaning from them, a gift flowing naturally from her love of the material she chooses." 
Jim Bainbridge  

"Di Henderson: well known and respected traditional singer and interpreter from the industrial Northeast of England who cheerily adds contemporary material to her repertoire and thus enriches the tradition anew."


Len Holton (Arkansas)