Welcome to my website. 

Over the years I have sung at clubs and festivals throughout England and Scotland. It has been a while since I recorded in fact people said that trading standards had concerns that the picture on the old CD wasn't me. 

Ailsa MacKenzie said, 

"Whenever Di Henderson sings, her audience takes home a memory.  Her voice has an indefinable something that lingers, that goes home with you. And because of this unique and elusive quality, you also remember the songs. For it is not just Di’s voice which has real quality, it is her repertoire as well. It is rich and varied as her voice is rich and varied, drawn from sources from childhood to the present day, and as relevant to now as to when she was a girl." Thanks Ailsa 

Hope you enjoy listening to the sound bites of my new CD Timeless. You can purchase individual tracks, download the CD or order a copy to be sent to you. Contact me if you would like to join my mailing list for info about upcoming gigs and events. Awra best Di